Virginia Career Works Piedmont Region Return to Earn Grant Program

Through funding from Governor Northam’s Office, the Return to Earn Grant Program, matches payments from eligible small businesses in the Piedmont region to provide new hires with up to $1,000 to support their transition back into the workforce. The Return to Earn Grant Program will serve businesses with less than 100 employees that may not have the resources to provide this financial support.

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Funding Criteria

  • The initiative will reimburse up to $500 that a qualifying Piedmont Virginia small business pays directly to a new employee hired after May 31, 2021, with a maximum of 25 new hires per employer.

  • Employer must match the full amount and provide all funds directly to new hires. This can be in either one lump sum or in installments to cover the ongoing costs of childcare, transportation, or other barriers to re-employment. Verification of how funds are used by the new hire is not required. Funding cannot be used to offset the employer share of the hiring bonus.

  • Only employers with fewer than 100 employees across all Virginia locations may qualify for funds. The employment facility where new hires will be placed must be located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the employer must also be incorporated in Virginia.

  • Wages for new hires must be a minimum of $15.00 per hour (tips included). The position must be W-2 employment but can be part- or full-time. Funds may only be provided to new employees hired by the employer, and the individual hired must be currently unemployed (as attested by the individual).

  • If approved, the employer must enter into an agreement with the Piedmont Workforce Development Board Payment will be issued after the employer submits verification that the employees have been hired.