Offered Services

One-Stop Operator and Service Provider

Mission Services – Career Coaching

WIOA Title I – Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Service Provider

Offered Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Drug/Substance Abuse Services

Vocational Evaluation

WIOA Title IV – Vocational Rehabilitation

Offered Services

Human services to vulnerable Virginians

Benefits: VIEW, TANF, SNAP, childcare subsidies

Career Coaching

Foster Care/Adoption Services

Offered Services

Unemployment Insurance

Virginia Workforce Connection

Job Matching Assistance

WIOA Title III – Wagner-Peyser

Offered Services

Veterans Benefits Claims

Referrals to Additional Sources

Spousal Support

Offered Services

Vocational Training

Free Education and Training

Supports ages 16-24

Offered Services

DOE – Carl D. Perkins

Career Counseling

Career Assessments

Occupational Skills Training

Offered Services

High School Equivalency/GED

Adult Education/Tutoring

English as a Second Language

Offered Services

Head-Start Education

Self-Reliance Education

Assistance to Pre-K thru 12