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VCW Piedmont Region Local Plan 2021-2025 is closed for public comment.

VCW Piedmont Region Local Plan 2017-2021 with Addendum
VCW Piedmont Region Local Plan 2021-2025


Work Experiences and Internship Policy
Custody of Records Policy
Attachment A – Custody of File Transfer
Document Retention Policy
On-the-Job Training Policy
Equal Opportunity (EO) and Nondiscrimination
Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Youth Incentive Policy
Unlikely to Return to Previous Occupation or Industry Policy
Supportive Service Policy
Individual Training Account Policy
Self-Sufficiency Policy
Limited English Proficiency policy
Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodations Policy
Data Validation Policy
Priority of Service Policy
Youth Program Allocation
Customized Training Policy
Relocation Assistance & Out of Area Job Search Policy
Youth Policy on 5% Low-Income Exception
Monitoring Sub-recipients and Contractors Policy
Incumbent Worker Training Policy
Personal Identifiable Information Policy
Inventory Purchase & Records
Procurement Policy
VFSN – WIF Support Service Policy
Eligible Training Provider Policy
Complaints and Grievances Policy
WIOA Business Services Policy
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Chief Local Elected Officials Meeting Information

Board Meeting Information

Committee Meeting Information

Chief Local Elected Officials (CLEO) and Piedmont Workforce Development Board (PWDB) Documents

CLEO Agreement
CLEO and PWDB Agreement
Piedmont Workforce Development Area Re-designation 2017-2019
PY 2020 – Modified vcw-p one stop center memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed
WIOA Title 1 Grant Agreement
VCW Piedmont By-Laws
VCW-P WIOA Memorandum of Understanding (Signed)
2020 PWDB State Board Certification


The time for RFP submissions is closed at this time.

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