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From a career seeker to an employee, we want to make sure you are properly equipped with all of the right tools along the way.

Need in-person help in your career search? Consider stopping by one of our four one-stop centers.

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Find a Career

If you’re in the market for a new job, this comprehensive guide will prepare you for success in your search.

Career Seeker Resource Guide

Find out what resources are available to you by county.

Regional Resource Guide

Look for upcoming mass-hiring events with our job fair calendar.

Upcoming Job Fairs

Education & Learning Material

Unlock access to 10,000+ on-demand courses to help you learn more and achieve success!

Linkedin Learning

Community colleges in the Piedmont region and their respective subsidiaries are all partnered to serve all who seek a brighter future in their career goals.

Local community colleges

Take control of your money with financial literacy courses.

Financial Learning

Veteran Resources

If you are a veteran seeking local employment opportunities, click here to apply online.

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Whether you’re a startup or a large business we want your business to thrive in the Piedmont region of Virginia with well-equipped employees.


Career Seekers are eager to enter Virginia’s workforce, below are resources to help businesses in their recruitment.

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Hire a Veteran
Career Pathways Guide

Using our Career Pathways Guide, you can turn your new hire into a lifelong employee.

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Work Tax Opportunity


If you are interested in offering on-the-job training to educate your employees, click below.

Offer on-the-job Training
Business Solutions Guide
Central Virginia Small Business Development Center

The Central Virginia Small Business Development Center provides consulting and training services to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses.

Labor market information

Check Virginia’s regularly updated database regarding economic and employment trends.

Labor Market Information

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